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Entry #1

First Game!

2010-02-15 11:10:13 by 1234ummm6

Death Maze

I made my first game thanks to a youtube tutorial (username: adobemasterguy)

Adobe Flash CS3:How to create a Simple Maze game

Please play my new game and expect more soon! :D


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2010-02-15 11:15:16

... I cheated...
lol no it was fun. i voted 5

1234ummm6 responds:

Lol, thanks! :D


2010-02-15 11:18:14

Hey 1234ummm6! i tried your game nice music btw. I used the same on my first flash too. i would like more difficulty, levels and variety though. why dont u try my other 2 flashes. rate and comment plz

1234ummm6 responds:

Yes, I was thinking about adding more but I wanted to just see if I could even make a game first. I will have to check out your flashes too :D


2010-02-15 11:20:47

PS u should see some flash tuts that r here on newgrounds!

1234ummm6 responds:

Yes I started with those and I also looked at ones on youtube. They both helped me greatly. :D